About Our Trust

Providing excellence in education

The Salterns Academy Trust provides an excellent education for every student in each school within the trust, remaining centred in the heart of its community. The Trust operates two academies for students aged 11-16 in the North Island area of Portsmouth. Admiral Lord Nelson School and Trafalgar School have a combined student roll of over 2000 students. The schools are still growing and the Trust expects the capacity to increase to 2310 students.

Vision and Values

The Trust is guided by the vision and values for education, particularly our student-centred decision-making, our inclusivity, our consistently high expectations, our culture of celebration, our development and care of staff and our major capital investments to improve the facilities that we have on offer for the students.

Our Vision

To provide excellent education for every student in each school within the Trust.

We will achieve this by:

  • Keep children and young people at the heart of everything we do

  • Support and challenge each school in the trust on its journey towards excellence in a culture of praise, collaboration, partnership and strong governance

  • Ensure that each school has the highest expectations of its students and staff and supports all of them to reach their potential

  • Be accountable for achieving the highest standards for all our students, irrespective of background or challenge

  • Recognise the individual needs of each learner, being a truly inclusive trust and providing pathways to success for all students

  • Foster an ethos of continuous improvement in each school in the trust

Our Values


We will:

  • Ensure the highest quality teaching and learning, founded on best practice teaching and learning strategies and an excellent and appropriate curriculum

  • Focus on developing leadership skills to build confidence, self-worth and life skills with a special concern for resilience and well-being

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum in each school, meeting the needs of the students

  • Provide opportunities to expand student’s life vision and increase their own expectations and ambition

  • Develop young people to be responsible and engaged citizens who are actively contributing to society.



We will:

  • Strive to be an excellent employer, utilising the best possible human resources practices and supporting and challenging staff, trustees and governors to be the best they can be

  • Provide relevant professional development opportunities for all staff at any stage of their career

  • Seek to develop all staff to be leaders at whatever level they work

  • Work hard to attract, retain and develop the highest quality staff

  • Motivate staff through rigorous, positive appraisal processes

  • Provide top quality mentoring and coaching for all staff


Community Engagement

We will:

  • Ensure each school is at the centre of its community, raising aspirations, expectations and achievement

  • Work with the family, parent or carer to understand their child’s needs, helping them to support their progress

  • Proactively develop employer, community and academic partnerships ensuring that our young people understand the pathways open to them and are ready for the world of further study and work

  • Work collaboratively with local, regional and national institutions and organisations to develop effective learning strategies and innovative approaches to educational delivery, sharing knowledge freely.



We will:

  • Provide safe, well managed and stimulating learning environments

  • Ensure facilities and all equipment and technology are maintained to the highest standard

  • Provide excellent value for money with rigorous financial management procedures Trust Improvement

  • We will seek to improve all our schools by:

    • Building an ethos of being the best
    • Planning strategically to best employ our resources
    • Setting appropriate trust wide policies
    • Exerting strict financial control
    • Researching and employing the best quality external advice.

Strategic Priorities

Each year we establish the strategic priorities and objectives which are intended to focus the work of the Trust Executive Team
and to inform the individual school improvement plans which drive most of our work.

2020/21 Priorities

The Salterns Academy Trust will:

  1. Ensure safe continuous high-quality education in the COVID era which meets the needs of all students
    • Developing the mix of on-site and remote learning
    • Removing barriers to remote learning
    • Supporting emotional well-being and progress
  2. Improve the progress of groups of students to narrow any gaps, especially those caused by lockdown or disadvantage.
  3. Deliver a positive impact on school improvement and staff development through the Trust’s new relationship with GLF schools.
  4. Develop relationships and working practices between the new Trust Executive and the Trustees to deliver appropriate support and challenge in governance.
  5. Continue to improve the Trust’s governance systems, processes and reporting mechanisms including ways of gathering feedback from students, staff, and parents.
  6. Strengthen financial management, planning and reporting to ensure ongoing financial sustainability.
  7. Continue a programme of capital investment in the school buildings, infrastructure, and grounds, supported by bidding for additional capital funding.

Each strategic priority will be underpinned by a detailed strategic improvement plan(s). Through the existing governance arrangements across the Trust, progress against these priorities will be discussed and evaluated.

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