Strategic Priorities

Trust Strategic Priorities 2019/2020

Salterns Academy Trust will

Determine and commission the level and nature of support needed to ensure rapid school improvement in one of three medium-term futures:

  1. Stay unchanged as Salterns Academy Trust with two schools;
  2. Join UPAT
  3. Seek a service level agreement with GLF

Actively support teachers, leaders and support staff to be the best they can be.

Have a rolling programme of developing its sites to provide a safe, stimulating environment for an increasing number of students.

Ensure it has the finances and resources to be sustainable while growing its student numbers

Ensure that school improvement is happening as effectively as possible in both of its schools through the four key themes of teaching, leadership, curriculum and collaboration

Be recognised and celebrated for its strong, student-centred ethos; being truly inclusive and aspirational and ensuring that all its students make excellent progress.